Webinar: How to Perform a Successful Data Migration in Life Sciences

Jan 28, 2021 | EVENTS

Due to the high demand, we have taken the decision to repeat our complimentary webinar “How to Perform a Successful Data Migration in Life Sciences”. This second edition of the webinar will take place on the 9th of March – make sure you book your seat!

Data migration has the reputation of being risky and difficult and it’s certainly not an easy process – without a sufficient understanding of both source and target, transferring data into a more sophisticated application will amplify the negative impact of any incorrect or irrelevant data, perpetuate any hidden legacy problem and increase exposure to risk.

In the Life Sciences industry, a structured but lean approach to data migration is vital for success. Such an approach not only ensures data integrity and consistency but also minimises the data migration impact on day-by-day business operations.

During this webinar, we will discuss the main risks and challenges of data migration in Life Sciences and ways to overcome them and will present a case study of data migration in pharmacovigilance.

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Learning outcomes:

  • How to define an adequate data migration strategy including data migration verification
  • The main steps in data migration
  • Understanding of the major challenges during the data migration and ways to overcome them


Alessandro Longoni is a Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager of Arithmos. He has been working in the field of Life Sciences technology for 13 years and has particular expertise in pharmacovigilance and electronic data management.