Our company

At Arithmos, our mission is to support our clients in embracing digital transformation that allows them to develop therapeutics for patients in a smart, innovative and cost-efficient manner.

We are industry leading experts who combine the knowledge of processes and technologies to exceed the needs of our clients in the Life Science industry. Thanks to our customised approach and expertise, you will be able to effectively harness technology to facilitate and optimise your work.


Our Heritage

It all started with Arithmos sister-company CROS NT – back in 2009 it had a rapidly growing IT department. It soon became clear that the innovative technology support that this IT department was providing to CROS NT could also be offered to other Life Science companies.

However, at the heart of Arithmos lied much more than business logic – there was personal passion for innovation. Our CEO, Paolo Morelli, and is a person with innovative spirit and love for new technologies. His idea was to change the way Life Sciences companies work by integrating new technologies into their processes and harnessing their advantages.

“We know how important it is to invest in Life Sciences to support the development of the new products that improve quality of life and health. Innovative technology solutions are vital for optimising resources and saving time in research. This is our goal: bring digital solutions to our clients to speed up and optimise their work. And we do it with passion!”

Paolo Morelli

CEO of Arithmos

“Arithmos is not only a technology company. We think about people, processes, and how we can combine them with technology in order to provide the best solution.

Looking to our customers as partners more than clients and to their needs with a holistic approach, we lead them finding insights and strategies, helping the companies to follow their digital path in a sustainable and efficient manner.”

Silvia Gabanti

Managing Director of Arithmos

Our Values



We recognise communication as the key factor in understanding the needs of our customers and providing them with the best solution.



Our work is based on trust: with our employees, our partners and our clients.



We are a team of passionate professionals who work to deliver the best service to our customers.



Our expertise in finding the best solution is deeply rooted in constant improvement of our competencies, optimisation of the existing processes and adoption of the new technologies.

Discover our podcast "Coffee With the Techy Doctor" to get the latest expert insights into Life Sciences technology
Discover our podcast “Coffee with the Techy Doctor” !