Career Insights: Interview with Alessandro Longoni, Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager

Feb 25, 2020 | CAREER INSIGHTS

This is the first blog in a new ‘Career Insights’ series and we talk to Alessandro Longoni, Arithmos Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager, to find out more on his job, career path, achievements, and his hobbies.

Hello Alessandro! Can you say a couple of words about your work in Arithmos? What do you do?

I manage implementation, optimisation and development of Life Science technology solutions and services. My specialist area is safety projects that revolve around Oracle Argus Safety – it means that I am responsible for defining the project direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion. The important part is also ensuring that it is consistent with our client’s strategy, commitments and goals.

Have you always been passionate about technology and Life Sciences?

I have always been into tech and opted to study Computer Sciences at the University of Milan in Italy.

My career in Life Sciences started thanks to a pure chance. I took a course carried out by a consultancy company that had a dedicated Life Sciences unit. As I was a top performing student, I was offered a job opportunity. It was a chance to try something new, so I have jumped on it. Here I am 13 years later – I have never regretted my choice!

What has been your journey to your current role at Arithmos? I see it combines two elements – Project Management and Business Analysis, why so?

I knew Arithmos very well before starting to work here – it has a great reputation in the Italian Life Sciences market. A couple of years I met Arithmos team at Oracle Safety Focus Group Meeting in Berlin – back then I was already working closely with Oracle safety applications.

A year later, Arithmos safety business started growing exponentially, so they needed someone who could manage new projects. They contacted me and I couldn’t resist. I love the combination of Project Management and Business Analysis – it means that I do not only get to implement the project, I am also doing a lot of preliminary analytical work to ensure that we are offering the best service to our client.

Why do you think there is such a big demand growth for Argus?

Oracle Argus Safety is one of the biggest solutions on the safety market. Arithmos with its pre-validated and pre-configured BluePrint version allows small and medium companies get an enterprise software at affordable costs, which is an incredibly attractive option.

I understand you also have a mixed background – Communication and Computer Sciences, why such a combination?

Yes, I have Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. After it I wanted to learn how technology and people are interconnected. This is why for my Master’s Degree I have opted for a program that combines IT, psychology and communication sciences. It allowed me to learn how technology interacts with people. Turned out to be excellent choice for my future career!

What career achievements are you most proud of?

I was fortunate enough to be heavily involved in the creation of a new solution for the Arithmos portfolio. Our new unique technology solution for pharmacovigilance – Data Analytics and Reporting tool – is an exciting platform that allows Life Sciences companies to easily ensure reporting compliance as well as benefit from the advanced analysis of their safety data.

We are releasing it on the market soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

What most inspires you about working in Life Sciences?

I love the fact that I work in the field where I can make a difference. Of course, I am not a doctor, but the technology that we provide has a positive impact on patients’ lives.

What would be your top tips for early career specialists looking to develop in safety technology?

  • It is fundamental to have both technical and pharmaceutical background. It can be challenging to get both at the university, so if you have a tech background, make sure you invest a lot of your free time in mastering the safety topic and vice versa.
  • Invest time and effort in order to understand both sides of your job.

What are your personal values?

Empathy and honesty. I work closely with clients’ and communicate to multiple stakeholders and I need to be on the same wavelength as them, ensuring I understand their challenges. Empathy is important for understanding their perspective and honesty allows me to build trust and collaborate efficiently, ensuring we deliver the best results.

What do you love to do for fun?

I play tennis. I have been playing it for 15 years, and I have a tournament on Sunday, so wish me luck! For me it is the best sport – it requires maximum concentration and refined technique. Besides, it is very competitive, and you can play it both indoors and outdoors!

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