A Letter from Our CEO

Jun 28, 2021 | NEWS

Dear all,

Hopefully, you have read the recent press release published on the website of our sister company CROS NT (a PM Holding company) which was acquired by Alira Health, leading international healthcare, and life sciences advisory services company.

CROS NT will leave PM Holding and become part of Alira Health’s complete end-to-end offering, with PM Holding investing in Alira Health as a minority shareholder. Arithmos will continue under PM Holding and will focus heavily on Digital Transformation in Life Sciences. As the Life Sciences industry is continuously evolving following the pandemic, there is much focus on decentralised and hybrid clinical trials and further enhancement of technology to support these with buy-in both from sponsors, providers and patients.

In order to satisfy the growing demand for technology in Life Sciences, we will focus on organic and inorganic growth. Our ambition is to play a leading role as technology experts and system integrators pan-European.

As I look ahead, the future is bright – right now, we are working tirelessly to expand our operational team and further strengthen it with additional innovation experts.

This is a year of growth, change, and transition. At the beginning of 2021, we said that there is #nogoingback and we stand by this. We will continue to support the transformation of our industry to ensure that patients are offered reliable and safe clinical trials regardless of challenges.

Paolo Morelli

CEO of PM Holding (Arithmos, seQure) & Executive Vice President, Biometrics of Alira Health

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Discover our podcast “Coffee with the Techy Doctor” !