A Letter from Our CEO

Dec 29, 2020 | News

Dear all,

As a challenging 2020 comes to an end, I would like to thank our clients, partners, and of course employees for the privilege of working alongside you to improve the lives of patients around the world.

When the COVID-19 outbreak started, we had two major concerns – the safety of our teams and guaranteed business continuity for our clients.

In order to manage these concerns, we very quickly formed a risk management team and carried out an operational and commercial assessment and go forward plan. The former was necessary to mitigate the risks for our clients and employees, while the latter allowed us to adjust the way our company interacted with the market.

Now, almost 10 months after the start of global pandemic, I can proudly say that we have successfully managed the challenges that the pandemic has posed to us. We were flexible and adopted a strategy that allowed us to safeguard the safety of our team and guarantee business continuity to our clients and even grow our business.

We have worked hard over many years to build our company culture based on trust, innovation, and communication, and it is evident that this investment has been so worth it.

Our 2020 end of year celebrations were different from previous years and took the format of online meetings across the business. No parties, and no clinking sound of glasses of prosecco.  However instead of parties and get-togethers we have united to support those for whom this year was even harder than for the rest of us. Instead of a traditional Christmas party, we are making a donation to Caritas in Italy to support our local community and those less fortunate than ourselves.

As we look into 2021, the future looks exciting. We will continue to support our clients in developing and delivering therapeutics for patients and improving lives around the world. We will further build our ability to react to challenges, mitigate and manage risks effectively in order to deliver a superior service to our clients and the Life Sciences community.

I believe that in 2020, the Life Sciences industry has changed irreversibly and in 2021 there will be much more focus on decentralised clinical trials and further enhancement of technology with buy in both from sponsors, providers and patients. Now there is #nogoingback. We will continue to support the transformation of our industry to ensure that reliable and safe clinical trials can be conducted regardless of what challenges we face. Are you with us?

We look forward to working with our existing clients and new clients into 2021 and beyond with the same commitment and diligence that we have provided over many years.

Paolo Morelli

CEO of PM Holding (Arithmos, CROS NT, seQure)

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