On Demand Webinar | Mastering Long-Term Clinical Data Retention: Strategies for Success

Mar 11, 2024 | Clinical, Digital Transformation, Events, Medical Affairs, Quality, Regulatory, Technology, Webinars

We organised the Webinar “Mastering Long-Term Clinical Data Retention: Strategies for Success”, with the participation of our Scientific Director, Sergio Scaccabarozzi, and our Senior Consultant, Clinical Business Partner, Massimo Raineri, with guest speaker Simone Suriano, Senior Application Support Lead at Johnson & Johnson.

The Webinar was full of insights. We are pleased to share the recording of the Webinar:

About the Webinar

The webinar will provide a practical guide to digital archiving of clinical data and systems for long-term retention.

You will have an insight and learn how to respect regulations, discover cost-saving strategies, and learn from real-world examples.

You will gain the confidence to implement an effective archiving strategy and ensure compliance.

What will you learn during the Webinar?

You will learn:

  • How digital archiving safeguards compliance and reduces risks in the European regulatory landscape.
  • Proven strategies to streamline archiving processes and save time and resources.
  • Real-world examples of successful archiving implementations.
  • The essential technical and procedural components needed for a robust archiving solution.
  • Practical tips to overcome common misconceptions about archiving and make informed decisions.
  • Actionable steps to get started with digital archiving and ensure long-term data availability.

Who is the Webinar for?

The webinar is ideal for professionals involved in Data Management departments, Regulatory Affairs, IT, Clinical Operations, and Quality Assurance departments within Small and Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs, and Academia involved in clinical trials.


Sergio Scaccabarozzi

With a medical degree and a specialization in general surgery from the University of Milan, Sergio Scaccabarozzi has 35 years of experience in Clinical Research for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

In his professional life, Sergio spent 12 years as Head of Clinical Operations for the Italian affiliate of a big pharma and biotechnology company, managing a team of 90+ people and more than 220 studies from Phase I to Phase IV, RWE and providing support to institutions for Investigator initiated studies.

Sergio Scaccabarozzi enriched his professional experience by spending one year and a half as Operation Research Manager in one of the most important public research hospitals in Italy.

Sergio Scaccabarozzi is a member of scientific societies and working groups on Clinical Research, a recognized speaker at national and international events, with active editorial activities on Clinical Research and Life Science in general.

Sergio Scientific Director at Arithmos
Scientific Director at Arithmos


Massimo Raineri

With a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Massimo Raineri has 40 years of experience in the clinical development sector working for the top 5 Pharmaceutical companies across Europe.

Massimo started his career in Pharmaceuticals in 1985 as a consultant at Roche. From this pivotal starting point in Massimo Raineri’s career, he enriched his professional experience working for Actelion since 2001, initially as a consultant then as manager, focusing on innovative solutions to improve clinical processes and to manage the Integration competency. Lastly, Massimo Raineri worked for Janssen from 2018 as Director in the Clinical Solutions Strategies team and head of the Imperia site.

Massimo Raineri is an extremely experienced qualified consultant in the R&D, clinical development, and digital space with a large range of competencies, from development and implementation of digital health platforms to the support of Digital Endpoints, Digital Data Flow, Tokenization, and SAE Reconciliation to cite a few.

Senior Consultant, Clinical Business Partner at Arithmos


Simone Suriano

Simone Suriano brings over 20 years of experience in Clinical Development and Pharma R&D systems.

After beginning his career as a developer proficient in C++, ASP, .Net C#, and Java, Simone worked as a Project Leader, spearheading various projects for major Italian and international clients, particularly in Clinical Research and Data Management.

In 2013, he initiated a project for the Swiss Pharmaceutical Research market, resulting in the creation of a startup company encompassing pharmaceutical and clinical web tools.

Since 2014, Simone actively collaborated with a pharma leading company on various projects, including the integration of document flows between CTMS and eTMF.

From 2017 onward, he joined the Janssen – Johnson & Johnson company as Senior Application Support Lead. Suriano holds a Master’s degree in IT Engineering – Systems and Automation – Robotics from the University of Genoa, Italy. His research thesis focused on “A Simulation Environment for Multi-Agent Autonomous Robots Architectures”. During this period, he worked directly with mentor Professor Renato Zaccaria and the technical/scientific staff of the lab, delving into topics such as mobile autonomous robots, artificial intelligence, and the integration of hardware/software architectures.

Senior Application Support Lead
at Johnson & Johnson

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