On Demand Webinar: Leveraging Digital Transformation: How to Approach Decentralised Trials

May 6, 2021 | EVENTS

On the 3rd of December, Arithmos has joined the roundtable “Leveraging Digital Transformation: How to Approach Decentralised Trials” organised by its sister company CROS NT.

Panelist list

The discussion was moderated by Erwin De beuckelaer, Director Innovative Capabilities, Johnson and Johnson.

During this discussion, the participants were able to interact with the speakers and left up to speed with the latest technologies and approaches, and with practical advice on planning and executing their own decentralised trial and the use of digital measurement solutions.

Discussion description

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the Life Science industry’s attitude towards technology and accelerated innovative approaches. The immediate challenge was to keep critical research running, to protect patients’ health, and ensure that clinical trials can continue even when in-person visits are not possible.

Today, the whole world is watching as the industry is working tirelessly to find cures and preventive vaccines to combat this disease. As is typical with human nature, adversary brings out the best in us. The industry has never collaborated and shared data like we are doing today to fight COVID, and the regulatory landscape was quickly adjusted for these new approaches.

The use of technology and novel approaches is no longer just a nice idea, it is a necessity in order to be able to operate in today’s environment and into the future. Great challenges also bring great opportunities, new leaders will emerge while others may struggle to keep up.

Although the newest technologies can redefine the nature of clinical research, there is still a lot that we need to consider while conducting a decentralised trial, especially in a rapidly changing environment. The major concerns include an immature ecosystem, acceptability of novel digital endpoints, data security, and data integrity.

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