Learn the Team’s Favourite Part of Working in Arithmos

Apr 2, 2021 | News

Our vision is to transform the Life Sciences industry by harnessing the full power of technology. We are the crazy type of people that get inspiration from the challenges – we love taking up complex technology projects that give us an opportunity to innovate.

In this blog, we asked some of our colleagues to share their favourite part of their job and connection to our goal – accompany our Life Sciences clients on the Digital Transformation path.

Learn the team’s favourite part of working in Arithmos

Alessandro Longoni, Sr. Project Manager & Business Analyst

“For me, the best thing about working in Arithmos is professional challenges. As Arithmos provides 360-degree support in Digital Transformation, we deal with projects that involve more than just a product – it’s a complex combination of services, solutions, technical competencies, and change management. Working on such projects is challenging, but very motivating.”

Michele Montanari, Life Sciences Application Manager

“I like the collaborative spirit of Arithmos. Due to their innovative nature, our projects bring together people with different backgrounds and different experiences. This mix of past experience, present aspirations, and clear vision of the future allows us to deliver the latest technology solutions to our Life Sciences customers.”

 Marco Pastore, Project Manager & Business Analyst

“The best part of my work is innovation! In Arithmos we focus on delivering innovation – whether it is innovative solutions, approaches, or technologies. Staying at the forefront of technological developments is challenging, but extremely rewarding. It also ensures that we deliver the best support to our clients on their Digital Transformation journey.”

Sabrina Simone, Quality Assurance & Computer System Validation Manager

“I love how Arithmos provides me with a continuous stimulus for personal as well as professional growth. Looking after Quality Assurance means knowing the company and its processes in-depth, having a 360 ° vision, striving to ensure the full compliance of its products and services with regulatory standards. It means developing a complex multifunctional approach to work which I strongly believe in.”

Learn the team’s favourite part of working in Arithmos

Pedro M. Lledo, Account Manager 

Teamwork is the keyword. They know how to listen to you and understand each other. I feel great among all of them. I’ve been feeling like adopted by a great family and they appreciate what you do for them, and they also do the best for you. Great team!”

Alessia Caldana, HR Manager

“What motivates and rewards me most of working at Arithmos is the passion we put in everything we do! It is great to see how everyone is really keen on bringing added value and personal contribution to the improvement of patients’ lives and to the company’s success.”

Francesco Danzi, Business Development Associate

“My favourite part of Arithmos is the synergy – there is a great alignment between teams! It was the first thing that I have noticed when I have joined Arithmos – there are no silos between departments, and everyone is working as one team. No one is ever left behind, not even the newest one!”

Valeria Marchesini, Administrative Officer & Financial Controller

Continuous improvement is the part that I enjoy the most about my work at Arithmos. Whenever we reach a goal, we are not satisfied with that, but we always try to find ways to improve and do it better. This is very inspiring!”

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