Report | Is Remote GVP Auditing Here to Stay?

Nov 18, 2022 | Quality, Resources

We analysed remote GVP audits during the pandemic and what industry leaders are saying about its future potential in a post-pandemic world.

Will remote audits be the new norm?

After performing a good number of remote audits in the GVP environment, we decided to dive deeper into whether it’s just a trend during the pandemic or here to stay.

Through in-depth interviews with several of our clients, we break down the benefits, considerations, doubts and points still open when it comes to auditing.

While remote audits do not require logistical arrangements such as travel, there are many other factors to take into consideration like business processes, regulatory requirements and, of course, the human factor. Large pharmaceutical players weigh in on their experiences in switching to remote audits.

We interviewed some of our customers from pharmaceutical companies, who asked us to conduct remote audits, and we summarised their answers and experiences in the following report.

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