Report | Pharmacovigilance 2.0: Leveraging Analytics and Automation

Jul 9, 2024 | Digital Transformation, Pharmacovigilance, Reporting & Analytics, Resources, Technology

This report summarises the insights gleaned from twenty pharmaceutical industry professionals working in both IT and pharmacovigilance departments, collected during the event organised by Arithmos “Arithmos Roundtable Event: Pharmacovigilance 2.0” at MIND Milan Innovation District.

The ever-evolving field of pharmacovigilance, which ensures the safety of medicines, demands continuous improvement in data analysis and process efficiency. To explore these advancements, Arithmos organised an interesting workshop titled “Arithmos Roundtable Event: Pharmacovigilance 2.0”.

The workshop delved into three key areas shaping Pharmacovigilance 2.0:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Connected Data
  • Process Automation

Participants addressed critical questions within each topic:

Advanced Analytics:

  • What kind of analyses/metrics are currently performed/used in your company, and what technologies are employed?
  • Which analyses/metrics, based on pharmacovigilance data, hold the potential to deliver significant value to the company?

Connected Data:

  • Which data sources within your company do you consider essential to connect, and how does pharmacovigilance data play a role in this?
  • What existing company data, particularly pharmacovigilance data, is currently connected, and how is this achieved?

Process Automation:

  • What process automation initiatives have been implemented in your company’s pharmacovigilance department?
  • How can advancements in process automation further optimise daily pharmacovigilance operations?

By examining their responses to these questions, this report aims to provide valuable insights into the future of pharmacovigilance, highlighting the potential of advanced analytics and process automation to enhance data-driven decision-making and streamline workflows within the field.

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