[Infographics] Five key trends in AI-Healthcare

Oct 4, 2018 | NEWS

Healthcare is undergoing digital transformation, and now there are no doubts about it: technology has become its integral part, conquering more and more aspects of patient interaction, R&D and clinical trials. The most frequent word that you will now hear when it comes to healthcare digitalization is “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence”.

AI is said to be a game changer that could allow for reductions in healthcare costs as well as workload reduction for physicians which can result in clinical trial optimization and better early diagnostics. The growth predictions are staggering: McKinsey estimates AI to have the potential to create between $3.5T and $5.8T in value annually across nine business functions in 19 industries.*

We decided to look at what could be the key AI trends in healthcare that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare:AI in Healthcare

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*Retrieved from Forbes “Sizing The Market Value Of Artificial Intelligence” on 01.10.2018.

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