Power Your Decisions with Data Analysis and Visualisation

Use Kairos to make faster and more robust decisions based on the data analysis and visualisation, safeguarding patient’s health more efficiently. Foster collaboration between departments and transform your data flood into decision-making fuel.


Full visibility of your data

Kairos gives you full visibility of your data with real-time reports and dashboards, easily ensures regulatory compliance and creates value from the advanced analysis of your data.

Arithmos and its partner E-project joined their forces to give Life Sciences full control of their data by breaking down the data silos between departments and allowing full circulation of data with one single reporting solutions.

Use Kairos to boost the reporting in following departments:

  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • As a horizontal solution across all departments to avoid tedious reconciliation processes


Increased Effectiveness

Get the full control of your data, optimise the data circulation among your departments and optimise your productivity.



Easily build tailored real-time reports and dashboards in a variety of formats in just few clicks.



Accommodate the expansion of your company while keeping the existing workflow – you can easily add new reports or extend Kairos to other departments.



kairos system agnostic

System Agnostic

Kairos can be connected to any data source, from safety database to an EDC system. Replace multiple reporting systems with only one, saving time and money.

kairos powerful visualisation

Powerful Visualisation

View your data in multiple formats from structured tables to elaborated graphs, all pixel perfect.

kairos easy access

Easy Access

Access your data from any location – from your office via browser and on the go on a mobile device.

kairos interactive dashboard

Interactive Dashboards

 Track, analyse and monitor your data to make well-informed, data-driven and effective decisions that will benefit your business.

kairos powerful reporting

Powerful Reporting

Harness the power of our proprietary report rendering engine and create customised PDF reports to have the full control of your data. Export your data in multiple formats (png, doc, docx, xsl, xlsx).

kairos modules

Extended Functionality

Get access to features to satisfy all your needs:

  • Report Design
  • On Demand Report Generation
  • Scheduled Report Generation
  • Report Distribution
  • Alerting


How can Kairos improve the pharmacovigilance processes and ease the life of the pharmacovigilance team?

Kairos can help you on multiple levels. With Kairos, you will:

  • reduce your team effort on manual data processing for regulatory reports production
  • get quick access to all your pharmacovigilance data at any moment in time
  • minimise risks as clear data visualisation makes complex pharmacovigilance data easier to grasp and act on
    track KPIs of your team in a simple and efficient manner
For Argus customer configurations which use multi-tenants, may I filter by tenant and/or study?
Kairos is able to retrieve data from different data sources like single-tenant, multi-tenant or different databases.
It is possible to divide the information into the different dashboards or use a global filter.
Does Kairos have an audit trail? Can I save a custom filter/report to use it later?

As a solution that does not store the data, Kairos does not need to comply with CFR 21 Part 11 or Annex 11 requirements and keep an audit trail.

Can I save a custom filter/report to use it later?

Absolutely! You can bookmark a combination of filters to use later.

Can you install Kairos in my cloud?

Yes, Kairos is available in hosting mode or on-premises also in a cloud environment.

How long will it take for you to install and have Kairos up and running in my network/cloud?

The installation from the technical point of view is very fast. The time needs for the creation of customised report, on the other hand, depends on the type and number of reports that you would like to have.

Could Kairos affect data integrity?

Kairos accesses the data in read-only mode, so data integrity is guaranteed. 

Is Kairos validated?

Kairos’ installation will be qualified to execute dedicated Installation Qualification protocols. The tool is an Off-the-Shelf solution that does not require validation of its functionalities since the correctness of the Kairos’ reports is related to the configuration/programming activities performed and not to the platform itself.

Our suggestion is to validate the reports – this process will be defined according to your requirements. Of course, the validation of each report has to be performed only one time. To validate the reports, you would need to compare the extracted data with the data stored in the safety database (e.g. with UAT protocol). Our expert team will be happy to support you with the validation of the reports if required.

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