Industry Report | Pharmacovigilance and Technologies: an Insider Look at State of the Art, Challenges and Future

Mar 8, 2022 | RESOURCES

Pharmaceutical companies are facing a lot of industry global drivers that impact on pharmacovigilance landscape.

Three main streams are predominantly resorted and continuously advanced to meet the state-of-the-art challenging business needs of Pharmacovigilance:

  • digital transformation
  • processes optimisation and change management
  • outsourcing

As Arithmos, in collaboration with our sister company seQure, we have decided to conduct interviews with our Clients in pharmacovigilance, to develop an overview by gathering different opinions from the key leaders that helped us to define the industry insights referring to selected topics that are trending.

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    This report provides a new perspective to interpret the expected impact of emerging technologies on the future of pharmacovigilance. A team of highly experienced domain experts in pharmacovigilance and technology has concluded the assessment of the survey results.

    The survey is done with the participation of Chief Experience Officers, mid-level and senior Managers, and non-managerial professionals who work in small and medium European pharmaceutical companies.

    With our participants together we have interrogated two major questions:

    • How does the pharmacovigilance industry feel about adopting the latest available technologies?
    • Are the Life Sciences companies ready to embrace the digital transformation in pharmacovigilance?

    We are so grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us and appreciate the time they took to speak with us.

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