On Demand Webinar: Best Practices for Choosing the Right Safety Database

May 31, 2021 | EVENTS

Get access to the replay of our free webinar “Best Practices for Choosing the Right Safety Database” and discover a consistent and cost-effective approach for small and medium companies to choosing the right safety database.

During this webinar, we will also discuss how to balance the need to be aligned with continuously evolving regulations with scalability and cost considerations and will share the best practices for choosing the solution that fits the company’s needs the best.

In a resource-constrained environment, pharmacovigilance departments should leverage technology in a highly efficient manner in order to achieve the best results for patients and for the business. This means focusing on such aspects of a safety system as:

  • impact of the continuously evolving regulations
  • integration of new data sources
  • reliability
  • scalability.

What will you learn?

  • How to identify the main technology needs of the pharmacovigilance department
  • What are the main criteria for choosing the safety database that is right for you
  • What are the major challenges in choosing the safety database and ways to overcome them.

Who is the speaker?

Silvia Gabanti, Managing Director of Arithmos

Silvia Gabanti has an impressive 15-year track record in the industry. She began her career in the CRO environment as a pharmacovigilance and clinical research specialist. Experienced project manager and business analyst, for the last two years before becoming Managing Director of Arithmos, she held the position of Head of Life Sciences.

A frequent speaker at national and international industry events, Silvia is passionate about reorganising and streamlining processes. Her goal is to implement reliable and cost-effective solutions to improve quality, enhance department efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

Contact Arithmos

Via Roveggia 122 – 37136 Verona ITALY
+39 045 585492
+39 045 8209471

Oracle Argus:
Manage your adverse case events more efficiently
Start Building Your Decentralised Trials

Oracle Argus:
Manage your adverse case events more efficiently
Start Building Your Decentralised Trials