Arithmos & Oracle: Your Road to Digital Transformation

Apr 15, 2021 | News

In Arithmos, our mission is to support our clients in embracing digital transformation that allows them to develop therapeutics for patients in a smart, innovative, and cost-efficient manner.

Our partner network is an integral part of it. It allows our customers to get increased value through integrated solutions and extensive service offerings, giving them access to endless opportunities.

To help our customers effectively harness technology and facilitate and optimise their research, in 2011 we joined Oracle PartnerNetwork – a unique network designed to accelerate value realisation for companies.

In order to understand how this partnership can benefit Life Sciences companies, we spoke to two people involved in its creation:

  • Silvia Gabanti, Managing Director of Arithmos
  • David Judge, Senior Director of EMEA Alliance and Channels in Health Sciences Global Business Unit, Oracle

David, can you tell us how the Oracle PartnerNetwork was born?

David: Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) has been in place for many years and was established to enable Oracle partners around the world to have a consistent engagement model with Oracle that enables them to get enablement on products, develop solutions based on Oracle technology and drive business with customers knowing that they have the support of Oracle.

What is the strategy behind the Oracle PartnerNetwork?

David: Our strategy for OPN is to have an extensive network of partners who design, sell, and implement Oracle based solutions to their customers. From an Oracle Health Sciences perspective, this enables us to work with partners, such as Arithmos, to build solutions that support our mutual customers in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Silvia, how did Arithmos decide to join Oracle Partner Network?

Arithmos was founded in 2010 with the objective to help the Life Sciences industry harness the power of technology and make digital transformation part of its future. That is why innovation is one of the Arithmos core values – it is in our DNA.

Oracle is a top-market leader in technology for the Life Sciences industry. Joining the Oracle PartnerNetwork means not only be able to provide our clients with the best technologies available but also to have access to a real innovation network. PartnerNetwork allows us to push the existing boundaries and inspire to change the industry together with Oracle professionals, training, and business support.

What is the common goal that brought Arithmos and Oracle together?

David: Oracle Health Sciences is a business unit in Oracle established to develop and sell solutions for Pharmaceutical customers specifically in the area of Clinical trials and Pharmacovigilance. Arithmos brings deep consulting knowledge of this sector so it was a natural fit that we should partner together to serve our mutual customers.

David, can you please tell us more about the way Oracle partner can benefit the potential customer?

David: Arithmos have developed solutions that are applicable to their customers. This deep expertise means that the customer can engage Arithmos knowing that they are working with a company that understands their industry and the solutions that are required to be successful.

How does Oracle help to build customer success?

David: Oracle invests in R&D to ensure that the products we build are always at the leading edge of technology to assist users in meeting their business objectives. We also ensure that the products Oracle develops, especially in pharmacovigilance, are fully compliant with the latest regulations to ensure that customers meet the requirements imposed by regulators. In addition, Oracle works closely with customers and partners to build a strong user community who can benefit from shared insights into industry trends and directions

Silvia, can you tell the story behind Argus BluePrint?

Silvia: Argus BluePrint is a solution created during our fruitful partnership with Oracle. It is a pre-configured and fully validated solution for the fast deployment of Oracle Argus Safety.

In the last years, pharmacovigilance regulations are becoming more and more demanding, pushing the companies to move to more reliable Safety Systems. However, small and medium companies were often inhibited to approach top-market solutions, especially due to the implementation costs related to the validation activities.

Arithmos BluePrint was created to fill this gap: it created a bridge between a high-level technology like classical Oracle Argus and a sustainable implementation and validation approach.

What are the advantages of such solution?

Silvia: It allows small and medium companies to implement a leading pharmacovigilance system in the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective manner. This is possible thanks to its pre-configuration based on the industry’s best standards and the validation already performed by CSV and Argus experts. Our Argus BluePrint package also includes support on the implementation path that makes the approach to top technology easier and cheaper.

How do Oracle and Arithmos create connected partner experience for the clients?

David: We focus at 3 levels. Firstly, developing joint solutions, such as Argus BluePrint mentioned by Silvia, that exceed the requirements of our joint customers. Secondly, we ensure that Arithmos are fully enabled on the relevant Oracle technology so that they can provide the best customer experience and thirdly we run events and communications that bring together existing customers and prospects so that they can benefit from insights not only from Arithmos and Oracle but also from their peers in other companies.

In conclusion, the Arithmos partnership with Oracle continues to go from strength to strength and Oracle is excited about the ways that we can support our joint customers in the future.

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