ACDM: New Era of Data Management

Apr 30, 2019 | News

The annual event of the Association for Clinical Data Management (ACDM) took place last month in Amsterdam. ACDM represents professionals working in clinical data management: from data collection and database builds to technology solutions for data capture. For 30 years, ACDM has been at the forefront of change in all aspects of data management.

This year, just as last year, Arithmos had the pleasure to participate in ACDM as an exhibitor and was present through the whole event that lasted two days. What did we take away from this insightful event?

About ACDM Annual Meeting 2019

Staying updated on industry developments is a priority for us. Arithmos is very active in data management, as it provides consultancy to Life Sciences companies and has developed its own EDC system Symphony. We recognize that with emerging new technologies and regulatory changes like GDPR, it is particularly important to stay informed and compliant.

Attending industry events like ACDM is a great occasion to catch up with the colleagues and discuss just how this field is evolving.

Here are just a couple of facts about ACDM:

  • Total amount of participating companies: 90;
  • Number of exhibitors: 15;
  • Number of sponsors: 5;
  • Number of presenters: 21;
  • Growth of the audience since 2018: +15%.

The outstanding fact about ACDM 2019 was its focus on digital transformation. The agenda featured many topics related to this fascinating, yet still developing trend of digital transformation, such as mobile sensors in clinical trials and artificial intelligence. It marks a new era in data management – how are new technologies impacting the field of data management, transforming the ways we looked at it before and demanding the reorganization of existing processes.

We all remember years ago when the great debate was paper or electronic CRF, pointing out the pros and cons of each. The field has now reached a new great debate, and that is how to integrate disruptive technologies such as wearables and mobile sensors into the existing data management collection and analysis processes with which we are already familiar.

We were particularly eager to learn how companies are managing vendor oversight when it comes to data management, which disruptive technologies companies are applying to data collection and how GDPR has had an impact on data management processes and EDC systems.

Arithmos at ACDM 2020

ACDM Annual Award

This year Arithmos, together with its sister company CROS NT, was honored to be shortlisted as a finalist for an ACDM excellence award. The Annual Award was established in order to highlight the achievements in data management among ACDM members.

Arithmos together with CROS NT presented its observational study project being carried out with a large pharma player. It involves hemophiliac patients and redefines the way we look at data collection and management in the era of digital transformation.

Data is being collected via ePRO as well as a FitBit wearable device with the aim of analyzing the impact of physical activity on these hemophiliac patients for at least 10 hours per day for the duration of the study. Using an innovative eClinical platform both the ePRO and FitBit data are automatically transferred into the eCRF (Symphony EDC – a product of Arithmos) making it easy for the Investigator to analyze the data.

Impact and Benefits:

  • The project is successfully applying “disruptive technologies” (IoT) to implement more efficient data collection and management processes;
  • The inclusion of wearables creates better patient engagement and retention in providing a non-invasive and interactive collection tool;
  • Guaranteed data privacy and security as Arithmos is an ISO 27001:2014 certified company.

Do you want to know more about the digital solution we presented at ACDM 2019? Learn more about Symphony EDC,  a proprietary Software as a Service Electronic Data Capture solution with a GDPR compliant database, which was originally designed by an investigator and further developed by Arithmos.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our EDC system? Send us a request for a demo and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to fix the date that suits you.

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