10 years of Arithmos: Interview with Managing Director

Jan 31, 2020 | Career Insights, News

This year Arithmos is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Founded in 2010, Arithmos was born as an innovative IT solutions provider with a specific focus on the Life Sciences value chain. Since then the company has grown to an international business that offers 360-degree Digital Transformation support to its clients.

We sat down with Silvia Gabanti, Managing Director of Arithmos, to talk about its journey. Silvia joined Arithmos as IT Manager in 2010 during the company’s start-up and growth phase.

Good morning Silvia and congratulations on reaching such an important milestone. Can you tell us how the whole Arithmos adventure started?

It all started with Arithmos sister-company CROS NT – back in 2009 it had a rapidly growing IT department. It soon became clear that the innovative technology support that this IT department was providing to CROS NT could also be offered to other Life Science companies.

However, at the heart of Arithmos lied much more than business logic – there was personal passion for innovation. Arithmos’ CEO, Paolo Morelli, is a person with innovative spirit and love for new technologies. His idea was to change the way Life Sciences companies work by integrating new technologies into their processes and harnessing their advantages.

I would say Arithmos is the result of two important factors – market need and personal passion.

Why did you decide to join the Arithmos project back then?

The answer is really straightforward – I share the innovation spirit of Arithmos CEO! Besides, I was looking for a new and exciting venture and this company clearly had big aspirations!

How working in Arithmos has changed you?

Arithmos is a continuously evolving environment and together with it I grew not only as professional, but also as person. In these 10 years I have worked with an international team and clients that has enabled me to become more open to new ideas and cultures.

What is the part you enjoy about your work the most?

As a Managing Director it gives me great satisfaction to know that our success is down to our extensive expertise and effective collaboration between my talented colleagues and our clients.

You have been with Arithmos through all these 10 years. What were its biggest turning points on this journey?

There were three changes that helped us to arrive where we are now.

First, the decision to move from technology provision to IT service provision. We realised that we need more than a simple product portfolio. We needed a broader vision that encompasses services, consultancy, solutions.

The second moment was the acquisition of Symphony EDC and its further development. Why was it so crucial? It was the start of our software factory, we had an opportunity to create something in close collaboration with the clinical research industry. Working on it together with clinical teams we got a tremendous insight into our target market and their needs. We have realised that we were able to offer high quality solutions based on the market needs at competitive prices. We adopted this approach back then and now it is one of our guiding principles.

The last turning point was the decision to develop pharmacovigilance competencies. It started with the creation of Argus BluePrint, a pre-configured and fully validated solution for fast deployment of Oracle Argus Safety. Pharmacovigilance became one of our core competencies and we keep expanding our pharmacovigilance portfolio. Our continued investment includes Kairos, a Data Analytics and Visualisation system, which will be presented to our clients this year.

Where does Arithmos as a company get inspiration from?

We are the crazy type of people that get inspiration from the challenges – we love taking up complex technology projects that give us an opportunity to innovate.

What is the biggest Arithmos’ strength?

Even though we are a technology company, we do not think only about technology, we look holistically at the client’s needs. We think about people, processes, and how we can combine them with technology in order to provide the best solution.

Let’s talk about future. Where do you want to bring Arithmos in 10 years?

We want Arithmos to grow in response to the evolving technologies. Our core objective is to become the main point of references when it comes to Digital Transformation in Life Sciences across Europe.

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