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A powerful tool, Argus was designed to solve the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest regulatory challenges.

Oracle Argus is a multivigilance solution for processing, analysing and reporting adverse event cases originating in pre and post-market drugs, biologics, vaccines, devices and combination products.

Arithmos have been Oracle Gold Partner since 2011 – we act as trusted advisors and experts in building, selling and providing value-added services for Oracle Life Sciences technology. 

Choose your Argus model:

For large companies

For small and medium companies

For large companies: Argus

Oracle Argus allows you to manage adverse event cases more accurately and more efficiently whilst ensuring regulatory compliance and helping Life Sciences companies to satisfy their growing needs.

For companies that:

  • Manage high case number
  • Face complex workflows that should support affiliates
  • Use pharmacovigilance outsourcing, different processes according business line

We can support you by tailoring the Argus configuration in a way that fits your processes. Argus solution will be installed, configured and validated at your premises or hosted in the Tier IV Arithmos datacentre.

For small and medium companies: Argus BluePrint

Argus Blueprint is a Pre-Configured and Fully Validated Solution for fast deployment of Oracle Argus Safety that allows companies to implement or change pharmacovigilance systems in the most accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Obtain a premium system at lower costs
  • Scalability: Argus BluePrint can easily support evolving business while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Fast deployment: Implement or change your pharmacovigilance systems in the most accurate and timely-effective manner
  • Validation: A fully validated Argus BluePrint allows small business to skip long and expensive validation processes

We offer two innovative models of Argus BluePrint: Argus BluePrint Hosting / On Premises and Argus BluePrint SaaS

Argus BluePrint On premises/Hosting

System ownership

Independence in system configuration

Initial Investment in CAPEX

Cost impacted by the cases number
Low impact

Argus BluePrint Saas

System ownership

Independence in system configuration

Initial Investment in CAPEX

Cost impacted by the cases number
High impact


How Can We Support You with Your Argus?

Data Migration

We have vast experience in safety data migration from legacy systems. Leveraging our technical skills and knowledge of the industry, we do not only migrate data, but also improve corporate performance and deliver competitive advantage. We offer semi-automatic or automatic (ETL scripts) approach, ensuring quality, data integrity and low costs.

Argus Update

Updating your Argus to the latest version will allow you to:

  • get access to the latest features such as new draft report generation function
  • improve the system performances and the user experience
  • comply with the latest regulations regardless of the market on which you are operating whether it is European, American or Asian market

Manage adverse event cases more accurately and more efficiently whilst ensuring regulatory compliance!

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