How SYNClevy Supports You Towards A Better Project Management Approach

How SYNClevy Supports You Towards A Better Project Management Approach

Software and platforms are “only” an enabler in the definition of a structured Project Management approach.  Arithmos experience led us to understand 2 main rules concerning Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) approaches and platforms implementation (despite the multitude of marketable software):

  1. A process analysis is fundamental for a successful PPM Software implementation.
    Often companies and IT providers underestimate the crucial role played by a structured business process analysis before implementing a project management solution: identifying, re-engineering and mapping company’s processes on the platform represent the best way to ensure the right alignment between online and offline activities.
  2. A great PPM strategy lays on the objective of creating a collaborative workspace (not only a structured planning and controlling infrastructure)
    The decision to introduce a PPM software in the company implies global commitment and extensive team work. It is wrong to believe that only Project Managers has to be involved in the transition: Business Development, Finance and Human Resources must be also included in the plan to enhance collaboration and communication among the several departments.

That is why SYNClevy has been developed on a set of standard workflows that can be configured based on your own needs.
In the following infographic we highlighted SYNClevy main steps that will adapt to your project management usual workflow in order to ensure an efficient monitoring of activities, costs and resources.

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