SYN, Project and Portfolio Management systemThe Extended Project &Portfolio Management Platform


The Reports section represents a fundamental tool for all departments among the company.

SYNClevy gives you the possibility to organize and analyze data in different exportable formats:

  • Tables
  • Pivots
  • Graphs

Arithmos experts already included default reports categorized by department such as:


  • Weighted Sales Pipeline
  • Sales by Area
  • Cost Estimate Value
  • Leads and Customer Follow up


  • Company Workload
  • Most Active Projects


  • Customer
  • Suppliers
  • Invoices

In this section, are also available the Portfolio and the Portfolio Report tabs. These sections provide a global overview of the essential information of the whole projects’ portfolio such as: Name, Project Manager, Expected Start Date and Project Status.
They also give easily access to the follow up section and to the dynamic project’s timeline. Portfolio Report tab allows the user to export all this information in several different formats in order to allow further analysis.

Arithmos, as System Integrator, is able to connect SYNClevy with several external reporting tools based on clients’ requests.

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