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SYN, Project and Portfolio Management systemThe Extended Project &Portfolio Management Platform


The second step of the standard project workflow is dedicated to Projects Planning. The Project Manager receives an alert from the system that a request for a project plan has been submitted. You are able now to analyze the info added by the Sales Team to provide a comprehensive project plan.

In this section you can plan:

  • Strategy
  • Activities
  • Resources
  • Material

SYNClevy also allows Project Managers to identify Milestones to better organize activities and timing.

syn Project & Portfolio Management Platform
Syn Clevy Project & Portfolio Management Platform

After outlining the strategy in the dedicated tab, you can import an existing project plan template or create a new one, identifying the activities involved to produce a GANNT and scheduling them on the calendar, including dependencies and connectors.

Every activity can be related to a specific resource and SYNClevy will automatically calculate his/her price from a library data.

Not sure about this activities plan? No problem, you can easily clone the base version of your project plan and modify it in a few clicks to compare the results.

When you are satisfied just change the status to release and let it flow!

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