[Press Release] Arithmos Launches SYNClevy, extended Project and Portfolio Management Platform

Milan, 13 July 2017

Arithmos launches SYNClevy PPM Platform at “Process Automation & Performance Improvement” workshop

Today at “Process Automation & Performance Improvement” workshop, Arithmos is pleased to announce the launch of SYNClevy, web-based Extended Project & Portfolio Management platform. SYNClevy allows project-oriented companies to enhance collaboration and efficiency among departments leading to cost savings, facilitating P&L monitoring and providing support to decision makers.

SYN, Project and Portfolio Management system

“From R&D departments to professional services organizations, it is fundamental for project-oriented companies to be able to plan, manage and measure the results of each project without leaving aside the global overview of the portfolio. SYNClevy enables companies to monitor and optimize project processes management ensuring an efficient communication among the different areas of the organization. Sales, project managers, finance and human resources will be always on the same page.” states Paolo Morelli, CEO of Arithmos “Thanks to our IT expertise and the implementation of SYNClevy, we aim to ease the transition from a fragmented to a cohesive and collaborative project management approach.”

Enhanced Collaboration and Constant Monitoring

SYNClevy provides a set of configured workflows to ensure perfect adaptation to any company’s processes. The platform allows all departments to collaborate throughout the customer journey, from Request to Project Planning, avoiding the need to enter the same data into different systems, guaranteeing constant alignment and P&L monitoring.

SYNClevy is designed for companies seeking a tool able to facilitate communication, document sharing and resources management from a unique, user-friendly, configurable platform. Provided Software as a Service (SaaS), SYNClevy is accessible through all standard web browser.


About Arithmos

Arithmos, ISO certified company, provides innovative IT solutions to clients in different industries with a specific focus on Life Sciences value chain. Our comprehensive approach leads us to deliver IT products, services and consultancy.
The main proprietary platforms Arithmos has developed are:

  • SYNClevy: Extended Project and Portfolio Management system created to optimize Clinical Trials and R&D project management;
  • Argus BluePrint: pre-configured, fully validated PhV system to ensure regulatory compliance;
  • Symphony EDC: user-friendly Electronic Data Capture solution.

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