Why Should Pharma Companies Include Clinical Trial Oversight in Their Strategy?

Why Should Pharma Companies Include Clinical Trial Oversight in Their Strategy?

The ICH-GCP update which came into effect on June 14, 2017 had among its main elements the “Clinical Trial Oversight” topic.
The E6 R2 revision reminds principal investigators of their crucial role 3 activities performed at their clinical sites: delegation, conduct and oversight. The latter plays now a larger role: sponsors are responsible for a way more insightful oversight, including each and every duty performed by external companies included in their outsourcing strategy. Furthermore, a more comprehensive risk-based approach is required with the aim of preventing systematic errors rather than correcting already occurred issues.

Since clinical trial oversight is gaining every day more relevance in life sciences global environment, pharmaceutical companies are slowly understanding its value and looking for different strategies to successfully adopt a clinical trial oversight solution.

In the following infographic, Arithmos Life Sciences IT experts have summarized the why pharma companies should include a clinical trial oversight strategy analyzing both internal and external needs; leading to a 3 steps guide for a successful Clinical Trial Oversight implementation.

Arithmos Clinical Trial Oversight

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