System Integration


Since the adoption of eClinical tools is becoming more widespread, Sponsors, CROs and clinical sites must interact with multiple applications throughout a Clinical Trial cycle.
Sponsors need to integrate data captured from different sources into one system.

Arithmos supports companies in the definition and validation of systems that allows integrating data from medical devices (e.g. spirometer), ePRO (electronic patient diary) and external sources (e.g., laboratory) with the EDC platform.

Arithmos defines solutions to support data transfers in real time to eliminate the chance of outdated datasets and discrepancies, granting security measures to ensure confidentiality of data (encryption, transmission, access management).


  • Faster trials (this means lower drug development costs)
  • Immediate feedback means more effective trials
  • Availability of combined data allows efficient and effective decision making & enhance the overall drug development process

Faster Trials, Immediate Feedback, Combined Data

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