Pharma / Biotech

Pharma / Biotech

Whether you are a large Pharmaceutical company or a small, mid-size BioPharmaceutical Organization or even a small Biotechnology Company, Sponsors today are looking to accelerate the drug development process, by actively monitoring studies and boosting productivity.

Clinical and Pharmacovigilance applications and innovative services are enabling real-time data analysis and cost cutting measures while optimizing the drug development process with more productive operational strategies.

Solutions such as Project and Portfolio Management platforms are able to track P&L while enhancing collaboration between different departments. This leads to savings on resources and costs.


Small Mid-sized Businesses like small Pharma and Biotech need support defining technology solutions that can help when it comes to facilitating data collection, management analysis and reporting, especially with increased legislation on how data should be presented in a traceable and transparent way. Pharma and Biotech companies must also consider the increasing importance of implementing updated Pharmacovigilance systems in order to be compliant with regulatory authorities and guaranteeing data integrity and safety.

Arithmos understands the needs of Pharma and Biotech companies trying to streamline drug development ad post market surveillance. Our solutions cover all these aspects providing the perfect combination between experienced professionals and innovative softwares solutions.

Our products and services focus on taking the technology infrastructure burden off the Sponsor so they can focus on quality clinical research.

user-friendly Electronic Data Capture solution

Conducting clinical studies requires Data Managers to collect large amounts of data. Symphony EDC is a fully validated, SaaS solution that is designed for independent study build and management with minimum training required. Arithmos also provides an integrated  eLearing platform to guarantee a proper and quick adoption of the tool by the users.

pre-designed, fully validated Pharmacovigilance

Argus Blueprint is a Pre-Designed and Fully Validated Solution for fast deployment of Oracle Argus Safety that allows companies to implement or change Pharmacovigilance systems in the most accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.
Argus Blueprint guarantees full scalability to adapt to business needs and the flexibility to provide a standard implementation with configuration ownership by the Client.

As an Oracle Gold Partner and Oracle Business Process Services partner, Arithmos can offer clinical applications in an optimum value package. Under the BPS approach, we help clients improve efficiency and productivity using a reliable technology infrastructure with access to an experienced IT team of Oracle General Product Support Specialists.

We offer the following Oracle clinical applications: Oracle Clinical & Remote Data Capture, Oracle Thesaurus Management System and Oracle Argus Safety.

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