Contract Research Organizations

Contract Research Organizations

How to gain competitive advantage in the CRO industry?

   To stay competitive, CROs need to focus on efficient project management and operational excellence. Clinical projects today are complex in nature and often global, meaning there are virtual teams and project variances; technology provides tools able to enhance coordination between different departments guaranteeing full compliance with international regulatory standards.
   Arithmos IT solutions are specifically designed to support CROs during clinical trials, Pharmacovigilance and project governance, enabling companies to focus on their core business ensuring data integrity and safety without leaving aside project & portfolio monitoring. Arithmos business analysts, clinical application experts and quality assurance specialists guide clients through the implementation of our IT solutions, which will ease resource management both in terms of people and budget.

How Arithmos Life Sciences Solutions Support CROs

user-friendly Electronic Data Capture solution

Conducting clinical studies requires Data Managers to collect large amounts of data. Symphony EDC is a fully validated, SaaS solution that is designed for independent study building and management with minimum training required. Arithmos also provides an integrated  eLearing platform to guarantee a proper and quick adoption of the tool by the users.

pre-designed, fully validated Pharmacovigilance

Argus Blueprint is a Pre-Designed and Fully Validated Solution for fast deployment of Oracle Argus Safety that allows companies to implement or change Pharmacovigilance systems in the most accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.
Argus Blueprint guarantees full scalability to adapt to business needs and the flexibility to provide a standard implementation with configuration ownership by the Client.

As an Oracle Gold Partner and Oracle Business Process Services partner, Arithmos can offer clinical applications in an optimum value package. Under the BPS approach, we help clients improve efficiency and productivity using a reliable technology infrastructure with access to an experienced IT team ofOracle General Product Support Specialists.

We offer the following Oracle clinical applications: Oracle Clinical & Remote Data Capture, Oracle Thesaurus Management System and Oracle Argus Safety.

All of our clinical applications can be accompanied by a 24/7 HelpDesk support platform and eLearning material.

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