Academic Institutions – Hospitals – Non Profit

Academic Institutions – Hospitals – Non Profit

Academic Research Organizations (AROs) and Non-Profit Organizations such as hospitals and government-funded associations face one specific challenge in performing clinical research: finding the perfect balance between budget requirements and quality data management.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is a solution to facilitate data collection in clinical research while maintaining the integrity of the trial.

Electronic Data Capture solutions are quicker and more cost efficient so organizations can resolve discrepancies faster and accelerate query management.

Symphony is an intuitive EDC platform developed by Arithmos that enables AROs and Non-Profits to collect patients’ information electronically saving time and costs. Symphony provides:

    User-Friendly interface

    Intuitive & Configurable workflow

    Quick and easy study build (minimum training required)

    Reusable global library forms and templates creation

    High security levels with easy account user management

    Audit history & Electronic Signature

    Document Sharing & Management

    Integrated eLearning Platform

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