How SYNClevy Human Resources Module Enhances the Recruiting Process

How SYNClevy Human Resources Module Enhances the Recruiting Process

Human Resources Teams receive every day tens or hundreds of curricula from potential candidates.
Organizing and screening efficiently this huge amount of information represents a great opportunity for companies that are looking for new resources and wants to accelerate the whole recruiting and selection process.

SYNClevy HR Recruitment Module has been studied and developed by Arithmos in order to meet these needs, allowing to easily and efficiently store and manage all recruitment-related information, integrating HR processes in a unique project based company management system.

But how can SYNClevy HR support companies in this fundamental areas?
Let’s highlight the main features that make SYNClevy HR a precious partner for every company:

Position Management Area

Position section allows the creation and management of vacant positions, defining the main details and the related Job Application Questionnaire.
Job Application Questionnaire is fully customizable, allowing to define groups and connecting them to the desired specifications.

Candidacy Management Area

Candidacy section allows candidates to register for the desired vacant position, filling personal data and the related Job Application Questionnaire and attaching his CV.
Also HR teams can include potential candidates from the data base in the candidacy section.

Candidate Management Area

Candidate section allows HR Staff to create and manage candidates personal data.
This section allows also to register the desired candidate to a newly vacant position, create and manage registered positions interviews and check all the related attachments.

Search Candidate Management Area

Search Candidate section allows HR Staff to have a full overview of the candidates and related registrations.
In this section, filters can be added to have a profile overview of the potential candidates, the tabs also show the related registered positions and interviews. With a few clicks is it is possible to candidate them to new vacant positions.

Specification Management Area

Specifications are the elements which will populate the customizable Job Application Questionnaire related to a vacancy.
This section allows the creation and management of a library of customized specifications.

HR module is fully integrated with SYNClevy, extended project and portfolio management platform developed by Arithmos. Our solution enables real collaboration among human resources, sales, operations and top management department. Recruiting teams have now the possibility to fulfill the human resources needs of the whole organization faster, reducing management costs.

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