Career Insights: Francesco Campana, Business Analyst & Project Manager


In this blog of the ‘Career Insights’ series we talk to Francesco Campana, Business Analyst & Project Manager, to find out more on his job, career path, achievements, and his hobbies.

Can you say a couple of words about your work in Arithmos? What do you do?

I am responsible for the selection, implementation, and optimisation of Life Science technology solutions and services for our clients. My work is to guarantee that our customers achieve their goals successfully.   This includes a lot of activities ranging from the requirement analysis and vendor selection to the design and implementation of projects and data collection system upgrade.

I am equally involved in the clinical, pharmacovigilance, and quality system management projects.

What has been your journey to your current role at Arithmos?

I have been working with Life Science applications for 22 years – it all started when at my first workplace I found a copy of FDA CFR 21 Part 11 regulation. I was supposed to study it and make sure our applications are aligned with it.

Over the years I have acquired more and more responsibilities and skills in this sector. Such close involvement in Life Sciences led me to landing in Arithmos. And I cannot be more excited about it – I see Arithmos as a great place to grow, learn and apply my knowledge.

What is the secret of juggling two roles – Business Analyst and Project Manager?

I see these two roles as complementary. As Business Analyst, I have a clear understanding of what shape will the project take. While as Project Manager, I know the business needs of our clients and build the project that fits them in the best possible way. With one person performing these two roles, we reduce the number of reference points for our clients and optimise communication process.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I enjoy how dynamic is the work environment. Technology is always evolving, and we always try to incorporate the latest technology in our solutions.

Can you please describe two most interesting projects in your career so far?

Some years ago I had the opportunity to contribute to the realisation of the first National Observatory on Clinical Trials in Ital. More recently, I had pleasure to support our customer company to become a finalist of important international awards. It reached the final stage of selections in the category of innovative technological solutions for clinical data management.

Which achievement you are most proud of?

Personally –  my three children!  Professionally speaking – I thoroughly enjoyed working on the release of a post marketing data collection system for one of our client pharmaceutical companies. This innovative system allows the companies to collect information about product experience in a quick, independent and simple way.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in digital transformation journeys for the Life Sciences industry?

I believe that the biggest challenges are related to the decentralisation of a large part of the patient data collection activities, such as wearable device and data validation.

What are your personal values?

Responsibility, precision, and attention. Both as Business Analyst and Project Manager, you have to take into account many variables that can influence the success of your project. The most important of them are related to people:

  • Involving your stakeholders
  • understanding them
  • establishing the right communication channel that can not be limited to email alone
  • getting in tune as much as possible
  • finding the levers on which to work together

Being precise, clear and attentive to the needs of others is crucial for success in this work.

What do you love to do for fun?

Spending time with my kids! When I have more free time, I also like to read, binge watch television series or go to the movies, cook, ski and swim.

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