5 Reasons Why Clinical Research Need PPM Platform

5 Reasons Why Clinical Research Need a PPM Platform

Contract Research Organizations (CROs) today are usually held to tough standards by clinical trial Sponsors in terms of meeting key performance indicators and maintaining a high level of quality deliverables. However, the primary objective for CROs has been (and probably always will be) delivering projects on a budget which usually means delivering projects on time.

Clinical projects today are increasingly complex in nature and are often global. This means that clinical teams are working in virtual environments and relying more heavily on technology and project management tools to get the job done.

A Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) tool is designed to manage business and project management aspects including standard project management tools, finance and resourcing. Finance is often considered the backbone to running a project management based business and the key to running operations and business development efficiently and in parallel. The finance function is responsible for bids and quotes, contracts, expenses, invoicing and human resources and payroll.

Implementing a PPM system can drastically cut costs for CROs by bringing finance, resourcing, project management, bidding and invoicing into one, unified system.

What are the needs of clinical R&D today?

  • Control of Time
  • Quality and Cost
  • Accurate Data
  • Integrated Platform
  • Use of mobile platform

It’s time for CROs to move away from the traditional tools of project management and move towards operational excellence. Here is the INFOGRAPHIC of the 5 reasons PPM is a smart choice for clinical research organizations.

Project & Portfolio Management Platform

Arithmos PPM Platform for Clinical Research

SYNClevy by Arithmos 

SYNClevy is Artihmos Extended Project & Portfolio Management web-based platform which was originally designed to meet the specific needs of the CRO environment. SYNClevy allows CROS to save an enormous amount of time and facilitates a high level of governance. With SYNClevy, CROs can be up and running within a few days with no disruption to current projects. Fields and templates can be configured to individual CRO branding and needs.

Do you want to know more about SYNClevy? To discover all its feature click here. Send us an email at info@arithmsotech.com for a free DEMO

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