[Infographics] 10 Reasons to Implement a Cloud-Based EDC

[Infographics] 10 Reasons to Implement a Cloud-Based EDC

The pharmaceutical industry has already been using cloud computing primarily for research purposes, studies found that including computing techniques in an integrate company strategy can result in a 30% increase in speed of the clinical trial management. EDC/ePRO technologies combined with IoT represent the future for the whole industry ensuring a better data management, analysis always granting their integrity. Here you find Arithmos 10 reasons to choose a Cloud-Based EDC solution for your company.

Arithmos developed SYMPHONY EDC an intuitive Electronic Data Capture solutions available Software as a Service in Cloud. With minimal training, the study team can work independently to build and manage studies. The system also has global libraries for eCRF forms and templates and a comprehensive document management system. Discover more about SYMPHONY EDC and contact us to schedule a meeting with our experts at info@arithmostech.com

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